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My Biography - ACHILLE DE TOMMASO Cloud Paint
My head is divided, ideally, between art and rationality. Besides being an artist I am also a technologist, and this has made me closer and closer to art.

Solo exhibitions of painting in "The house of Juliet", Verona, yearly, from 1962 to 1970
Solo exhibitions of painting at Foundation RUI Verona , yearly  1970 - 1975
Exhibition of painting and photography at the City of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) : yearly 1975-1980
First prize in painting at the National Exhibition of Giornale D'Italia In Italy (Rome) 1973.
Solo exhibition and conference of Digital Art at the Museum of Science and Technology (Milan) - year 2000
Caring for calendar 2000 for the Consortium of Chianti, made with my works in Digital Art - year 2000
Permanent exhibition of paintings and photography at my art gallery in Milan: 2000 - 2009
Care of the Catalog "Cloud Painting" - 2009-2010 
Solo exhibition "Cloud Painting" - Art Gallery "Canci" - Lerici - 2010

An artistic image must excite the first time and every time you look at it. You should feel a blow to the heart every time, you must wander through the colors and feel dizzy. Not necessarily feeling what he felt while the artist created it, but having your emotions awakened.
For painting I use various techniques, including a particular type of differentiated haze, which I developed by studying the reflection and refraction of different colors on different layers of support. This technique gives the color (both oil acrylic) a particular luster and softness. 

My paintings often talk about art, science, technology and society. Perhaps a bit random, possibly to stimulate discussion.

In this website I tried to write, in a succinct way, some things I learned about these issues, noting how often, at  the beginning of human life, image and knowledge of the universe and environment around us, walked arm in arm.